6 Great Reasons to Install A Garage Door Keypad

Overhead Door Company of Toledo™ garage doors provide you with security and durability. But when you want convenience and remote accessibility, our keyless entry options and keypads are the ultimate in accommodating your life and family.

Kid Code: Make Back to School Easy
The benefit of a keyless entry pad is allowing your kids the ease of entering your home without worrying about keeping track of a key. Your kids can quickly punch in secure PIN and quickly open and close your garage door. Reminding your kids to watch the garage door close completely before they enter the home provides excellent security.

The New Front Door: Allowing Access
Your garage door can become your new front door when you need to allow a one-time or daily access for family, friends, or servicemen. Using the Liftmaster MyQ Internet Gateway app, you can program your Liftmaster garage door opener with a unique code and allow access for a single visit or even all day.

Carefree with your Key: House Keys Are Useless
With a keyless entry garage door opener, you can stop wondering where you have left your house keys. Overhead Inc. garage doors all come with a keypad and an opener remote that make entering and exiting your home effortless.

Neighborly Love: Detached Garages 
Utilizing a keypad for your detached garage serves two purposes. It provides both security and accessibility. You can share your garage PIN code with your neighbors and be a blessing, allowing them use lawnmower, snowblower or other stored tools when they are in need. And you can change the PIN as often as you need to ensure your belongings are safe. 

Back up Plan: Lost Remote
When you are actually driving into your garage you tend to use the remote, but what if you lost it? Or gave it to someone to borrow? No worries, your keypad can let you in!

Safe and Secure: Security System Integration
Many keypad systems can be integrated into your home security system. Allowing an added benefit to the keypad for home safety

Overhead Door Company of Toledo™ has several options for keyless entry garage openers. Visit our website to learn more about our products or stop into the showroom today to talk to one of our expert team members.