8 Signs You Have Selected the Best Garage Doors

Selecting the right garage door seems simple, right? However, when you begin shopping for doors, there are countless styles, sizes, accessories, and functional options. All of a sudden, a straight forward task can become overwhelming. Overhead Door Company is here to offer expert advice and help you make the best investment for your home with residential garage door selection as well as high quality commercial doors for your business.

Highest Quality Insulation For Your Environment
Quality garage doors have a higher R-value number. The R-value indicates the insulation’s energy efficiency. If you don’t need temperature regulation for your garage, you can consider a lower R-value. However, to keep garage contents protected from temperature variations and to save energy, you will want a higher R-value insulation. This can be an important decision for commercial garage door environments when you have an entire wall of doors.

Higher Rated Torsion Springs Will Last Longer
Traditional torsion springs have a life cycle of approximately 10,000 cycles, which is about nine years if you are opening and closing your garage door three times a day. If you use your garage doors more than what is generally suggested, invest in higher rated torsion springs that will last longer. Overhead Door Company has higher quality spring rated options to extend the life of your garage doors. In some cases commercial garage doors are used very frequently, so quality springs can minimize maintenance needs.

Understand Steel Gauge Measurement
Having the best gauge for your steel garage doors matters. The lower the gauge measurement, the thicker the steel is. 24 gauge doors are thicker than 26 gauge doors and thus, are more durable and resistant to environmental or accidental damage such as hail and wayward basketballs or baseballs.

Convenience and Security with Touchless, Easy Access
Updating to a wifi garage door opener provides the ultimate in convenience and security at your fingertips. The latest in technology allows you to connect your opener to your phone, or even multiple phones, with a user-friendly app. Wherever you are, no matter what time of day, you can have access to your garage doors. With the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, you can open your garage door for an imptotu visitor, serviceman, or package delivery, and then quickly secure your home again. Additionally, in a time when you want to stay safe from the spread of germs and illnesses, a voice activated, touchless opener provides reassurance.

Expert Installation Makes a Significant Difference
Quality garage doors are heavy and require precise balancing and component installation thus, both personal safety of the installer is at risk as well as proper function of the doors. It is best to rely on the best garage door experts who have a reputation for quality installation and service. Garage door technicians have the experience and expertise required for such a rigorous installation. Professional garage door companies also have established warranties for doors and parts should you need service and repair.

Match Your Home’s Aesthetics
There are a wide variety of the best garage door styles and colors available. Picking the right doors that match your home’s existing style is vital to increasing the value of your home. Consider your home’s windows, hardware, and colors when picking garage doors. Overhead Door Company has a wide high quality selection of colors, styles, and finishing touches so your garage doors enhance your curb appeal.

Manual Release Cord Is Vital
In case of a power outage or mechanical issue with your garage doors, you will want a manual release cord so you can open your door by hand. As important as it is to have a manual release cord, it is also crucial that you know how to operate it and open your doors by hand. All good quality garage doors have a cord.

The Best and Most Available Service Team
Is your service team available 24/7 for your garage door emergencies? You need someone who can respond if you ever have something that needs immediate attention. When your car is stuck in your garage because of unbalanced doors or a broken spring, you can’t wait a day or two for a technician to show up. Overhead Door Company responds to your emergency garage door needs in both residential and commercial environments.