Cultivate Curb Appeal and ROI this Spring

It’s spring – and as the days grow longer, so does your to do list. Clearing gutters, raking twigs, hosing down driveways, washing windows, breaking out the patio furniture– it’s all a part of welcoming the new season and preparing for warm weather.

Whether you love it or dread it, keeping your outside space and home exterior in tip top shape is essential for proud homeowners.  And once it’s done and you have the basics out of the way, it’s time for a little creative fun. There’s a chance to explore all the affordable ways you can reimagine and refresh your curb charisma.  There are plenty of opportunities to open the creative possibilities along with the windows.

Many times, it’s the little things that make all the difference – but there are some updates to your exterior that while surprisingly affordable – have a major impact.

Spring Outdoor Home Makeovers For Less Green.

You know how much a well-planned landscape design can impact your curb appeal. Choosing combinations of plantings based on their color, shape, height and length of blooming time will result in a beautiful green space all summer long.  And landscaping can transform a home’s exterior.

But not every design update needs watering. When you’re thinking about your front yard – remember that window boxes, accent lighting, decorative mailboxes and light posts – every detail will combine to form a tour de force first impression of your home.

Treat Your Façade Like A Canvas

When you view your home’s exterior as a canvas, you’ll realize that most of that canvas is made up of windows and doors. Along with the line and pitch of your roof – arches, pillars, molding, brick, stone and stucco accents – your windows and doors play a major role in defining your home’s architectural style.  And the biggest door of all, your garage door, is often overlooked.

The good news is that today’s garage doors are as much about aesthetics as function. Garage door choices are endless and include a range of designs and materials guaranteed to not only complement your home’s style, but greatly improve your home’s street view. 

One Of The Top Updates For Increasing Your Return At Resale

Did you know that replacing your garage door ranks as one of the top five home improvement projects? And garage doors generate one of the highest return on investment opportunities at resale?  In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 Cost Versus Value report, homeowners can expect to recoup 91.5 percent of their investment in a new garage door.

An Endless Selection Of Designs and Materials

Garage doors have come a long way in terms of aesthetics.  They now offer homeowners a wonderful way to accent their home’s architectural style and palette as well as providing increased security and energy efficiency.

Thinking about what a new garage door could do for your home’s spring makeover?  Check out the area leader in garage doors, garage door systems, and more. Overhead Doors of Toledo has just what you need. Drop by our beautiful new showroom at 340 New Towne Square Drive in Toledo.