Enjoy Your Fireplace this Winter with these Cozy Tips

When the weather outside is frightful.. the fire is so delightful.

Who says you need to suffer the cold to gather around the fire? We all know Toledo’s cold months all too well and although we haven’t suffered the blizzard blues yet, winter is coming.

Enjoy the cozy comforts of home while still getting to experience all of your favorite campfire classics.

Gather your guitars, beautiful singing voices, and tambourines (for those of us that are musically challenged) and kick back around the fireplace with some of your favorite tunes. Start your playlist of some classics that everyone knows the words to- or incorporate your favorite Christmas carols during the holidays! 

Share some vintage campfire games with your future generations. Telephone, truth or dare, and charades are some classics that will take you right back to summer camp! If old school games aren’t your style (or your kids) then try some new ones! Hedbanz, The Mouth Game, and Heads Up, and are sure to be fun for the whole family! Only adults in attendance at the fireplace festivities? Play Cards Against Humanity or a friendly game of poker. For a more spirited night, try drinking games like Kings or Ride the Bus.

Winter is home to a lot of family gatherings. Have older generations share their stories around the fireplace. Ask the kids to talk about what they are learning in school. Recount your favorite childhood memories when you’re around the ones you shared them with.

Baby, it’s cold outside. So let’s make some s’mores. Or some popcorn. Or hot dogs. The chef’s kitchen does not constrain you to just one room of the house. The living room is the perfect place to cook your meal. Imagine your chestnuts roasting on this open fire…

Snuggle up with your friend, sibling, or partner by the fireplace. The holiday season is a time of stress and anxiety for many people. Cuddling can increase oxytocin levels, which can reduce blood pressure. Not only are you enjoying the company of a loved one, you’re also reducing the risk of heart disease! Or if humans aren’t your thing- your furry friends will do the trick! Not that you need a reason to snuggle with your pets, but it has been proven that domesticated mammals like us more than we ever realized. So just like your average human, they need physical touch and bonding to be happy. Sounds like the perfect excuse to spend the whole day cozied up by the fire with your favorite companion.

Curl up next to the fire with a cozy blanket, mug of hot cocoa and good book. If you are having trouble finding the perfect book for your perfect, snuggly scene- try one this season’s best sellers!  Warm your toes and warm your heart with Wonder by R.J. Palacio, soon to be a major motion picture! Or, here’s a novel idea- write one! Try writing a short story, poems, or painting a picture. Let your creativity fly. And if you don’t like the end result, you can always throw it into the fireplace!

Whatever you do to make the most of your fireplace this winter, do it with love. At Fireside Hearth & Home, we are dedicated to keeping your family warm for years to come. You can count on the Fireside staff of factory-trained professional service technicians to offer you a wealth of fireplace, stove and insert knowledge.

Make sure your fireplace is serviced to provide the safest, energy-saving heat during these winter months. Call Fireside Hearth and Home of Toledo at 419-476-0300 today! Or visit our showroom at 340 New Towne Drive in Toledo, Ohio!