6 Common Garage Door Emergencies

The convenience and dependability of garage doors provide peace of mind… until they don’t. Garage door emergencies can happen at any time. You can’t predict when your garage door could get stuck in a halfway down position, when the remote control won’t activate, or when the doors will begin an aggravating, grinding noise.

Garage doors endure a lot of use, and changes in temperature can exacerbate garage door troubles. Fixing a garage door emergency, either residential or commercial, is best left to the professional technician.

6 Common Garage Door Emergencies:

Wall Unit or Remote Doesn’t Work
The easy fix would be replacing the battery. However, the remote may need to be reprogrammed, the safety sensor could be mis-aligned, or there could be a larger mechanical or electrical issue that requires a technician’s attention.

Garage Door Won’t Move
There are several reasons why your garage door won’t open or close. The springs may need to be replaced, the main drive gear could be shot, or trolley carriage could be broken. If your garage door is open and a spring is broken, the heavy door could come crashing down, causing injury. Call a professional immediately to repair your doors.

Garage Doors Don’t Close All the Way
A problem with the safety sensor is usually the reason a door won’t close all the way. However, faulty gears, misaligned doors, or other mechanical issues could be at play.

Grinding Noise
Sometimes a loud grinding noise can be fixed by applying lubricant; however, there could be a bigger problem. The rollers, hinges, or springs may need to be replaced or the doors could be off alignment.

Garage Doors Come Off the Track
Usually a door comes off a track because it has been hit, but there can be other issues such as the horizontal track is not aligned with the vertical track or the rollers or lift cables are worn out. If your garage door has come off the track, first call a technician and then forbid your teenager from parking in the garage ever again. A professional will be able to realign the doors or replace the damaged panels.

Power Outage
When you are inside your garage:

  1. Pull the red emergency cord to release the lever on the trolley carriage.
  2. You can then open the garage door manually.
  3. Make sure you open it all the way and it is in a stationary position.
  4. If the door still won’t open when you pull on the emergency cord, there could be another mechanical issue that will require a service call.

Emergency and Preventative Maintenance

Overhead, Inc. is your residential and commercial garage door maintenance expert. In addition to responding to emergency garage door needs, Overhead, Inc. will proactively service your garage doors with a general inspection to make sure it is in proper working order. 

And when something unfortunate does happen, Overhead, Inc. service department is available 24/7 to handle your garage door emergency. Give us a call today!